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Nicknames: Fiend, Sleepy Eye Jones
Hometown: New Orleans
CD(s) Title(s): Won't Be Denied, There's On In Every Fam.

Named "Sleepy Eye Jones" from way his eyes are slammed. Fiend is from the 17th ward out of New Orleans. Fiend showed his first interest in rap at the age of 11. As he became olderhis lyricz improved. Fiend 1st signed with Big Boy Records. Hiz first hit single was, "Baddest Muthafucka Alive." Not long after his single, Fiend recorded his first EP, Won't Be Denied, which feature another hit song, "All I See," from the award winning movie, The Wake Up Call. Fiend was also a part of the Big Boy's rap group, the Boot Camp Clicc.

Mia X used to work at a local record store, and every once in awhile, Fiend would come in with his demo tapes. After Mia X heard him, she told Master P and before Fiend knew it he got signed with No Limit Records. Then in early '97, Fiend did his solo, "Don't Mess Around," off the hit soundtrack, I'm Bout It. Once Fiend made his first national appearance, Master P had him featured on Mia X's "Mama's Family," off Unladylike. Then in earlySeptember of '97, Fiend got his most notable appearance on Master P's triple platinum album, Ghetto D, where Fiend plays a major role on the hit single and video, "Make 'Em Say Uhh." Ever since then, Fiend has contributed a lot to the tank and been featured on every No Limit album release.

In early May of '98, Fiend released his debut album off No Limit, There's One In Every Family, which is a conglomeration of twenty-one powerful and hard hitting tracks bringing the world his lyrical talent. Fiend has even came out with his own style of rap, which he labels"Fiendism." Fiendism is a concept of one person believing in wrong things/ideas and having devilish thoughts. You can catch examples of his style throughout songs he appears in.

Fiend is also part of C-Murder's new group, Tank Dawgs, which consists of $50 AKA C-Murder, Sleepy Eye Jones AKA Fiend, himself, Camaflouge Assassin AKA Mac and the newest member Top Dogg AKA Snoop Dogg. Their debut album is due to drop sometime in '99.


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