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The New No Limit Filmworks

Master P., rapper, music producer, clothier, actor and sports manager, takes the industry by storm with the announcement of his new film/video production company, No Limit Filmworks; now he is also "crowned" film and video producer. To ensure that this company is definitely in the mix, P. has chosen its home base in Hollywood. No Limit Filmworks is a force to be reckoned with and will become a true player by Hollywood's standards in the near future.

P. has a proven track record of surrounding himself with keen people who lend a special expertise to his ventures. This new venture is no different.

Master P. has "knighted" two individuals who complement one another to head up No Limit Filmworks (NL Films), namely, Jeff Clanagan as president and Black as vice president. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Clanagan is the business side. Hailing from San Jose, Calif., Clanagan, a former concert promoter, was very successful on the West Coast in the late '80s and '90s, booking rap and R&B acts to sold-out crowds. He was always intrigued by film, so he began working in the video industry later as director of business affairs for a boutique production company.

He and P. had a rapport from Clanagan working in the video world -- more specifically, working on P.'s videos. Eventually, when P. was ready to do his own production company, his choice as head of this company was an obvious one: Clanagan as president.

Black is the creative side. Being from Harlem, N.Y., Black grew up around plenty of music stars (i.e. Heavy D., Al B. Sure! and Puff Daddy) and would later be Heavy D.'s road manager while touring. Black established many relationships in the industry, and ultimately went on his own to found Megalarge, a casting agency.

He casts all of Heavy's videos, and soon became known on both coasts as the casting agent extraordinaire. After casting one of P.'s videos, he and P. struck up a friendship; the rest, as they say, is history. To date, Black casts all of No Limit's films, in addition to running the day-to-day as second in command for NL Films.

P. has had success with such films as "Game of Life," "The Last Don" and "I Got the Hook Up." The sales on these movies -- the first two being video releases and the last a wide release -- have been phenomenal. P., Clanagan and Black have opened up doors for other entrepreneurs, especially other music acts, to also produce movies straight to video.

However, no one has quite done it like No Limit Filmworks. Currently, NL Films' first two independently produced features are "Foolish," starring P. and comedian Eddie Griffin, and "No Tomorrow."

"Foolish" tells the story of the trials and tribulations of Griffin. "No Tomorrow," which just wrapped, is a suspense/action drama with an all-star cast of P., the talented and beautiful Pam Grier and the wonderful actor Gary Busey.

Although NL Films is owned by Master P., an African-American, this production company will produce good films -- not just "black" films, but good films.

"We will have quality scripts to work with. No Limit Filmworks will continue to raise the stakes in film by experimenting with different technical people, having talented directors ... just doing the film right," said Clanagan.

Look for more films from No Limit in the future like "Hot Boys" and "Lockdown." Master P. is the epitome of an entrepreneur, and No Limit Filmworks is one more vehicle that will prove just that.


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