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Master P Makes Primetime WCW Debut

After popping up at a World Championship Wrestling pay-per-view event on Sunday night, No Limit Records CEO Master P made his primetime debut during the WCW's live "Monday Nitro" broadcast this week.

After promising that he and his No Limit Soldiers would change the face of wrestling during a press conference on Monday afternoon, P and his entourage escorted the tag team of Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan to the ring for a match against La Parka and Psychosis. P slipped easily into the wrestling milieu; the rapper shouted, gestured wildly, and even threatened the opposition with a folding chair during the live broadcast from Washington, D.C.'s MCI Arena.

P's camp was victorious in the match, but the team's celebration was dampened by three rival wrestlers (Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, and Bobby Duncum, Jr., known collectively as the Cowboy Triad) who stormed the DJ booth and pumped the song "Rap Is Crap" through the venue's PA system. P and company soon ran the wrestlers off and smashed the offending record.

If the behavior seems rather silly coming from the man who topped "Forbes" magazine's list of 1998's highest paid musicians, ponder this... World Championship Wrestling, Inc. claims that each week, an average of 8 million viewers tune in to "Monday Nitro," and various WCW broadcasts draw a total audience of 30 million viewers a week.

As we reported last week, P recently inked a one-year deal with the WCW that will see the hip-hop heavyweight turn up at numerous WCW events (see "Master P To Turn Up In WCW Ring").

The night before his "Monday Nitro" appearance, the No Limit head appeared on the WCW's pay-per-view special "The Great American Bash." During that broadcast, Hennig greeted P's limo as it arrived at the venue and asked the rapper to autograph a CD. After P obliged, Hennig smashed the CD, prompting a small skirmish with the No Limit Soldiers.

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