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He is the quiet one, but it's the quiet ones you got to keep your eyes on. He is so quiet, that my tape recorder had a hard time picking up his voice. His name is C-Murder, one third of the supergroup TRU. C murder has been blessing No Limit albums since 1994, when he came correct on Hoe Games (99 Ways to Die). In the last two years, C Murder has become one of the most important and popular rappers on No Limit Records. After platinum success with his freshman album, Life or Death ( A Classic), C Murder is ready to let the world know, he is here to stay. C Murder talked with Blast about his upcoming album, Cash Money Records, King George, and he even did a voice mail for. How bout that shit? Peep game.

Blast: When did you start rapping?

C Murder: I didn't get serious about this shit until about 4 years ago.

Blast: At what point did you know that you and ou brothers had a gift?

C Murder: Right away, because I knew P could do it. He was out in Cali, and he was making moves.

Blast: Did you move out to Cali with P?

C Murder: Nah, I wasn't trippin on Cali at all. I was just stayin at home taking care of things.

Blast: We saw the advertisements for, C Murder- Do or Die, in Lil Rics cd. Your album didnt drop until fours years after that. Did you ever get impatient?

C Murder: Nah, that was all on me. I am a perfectionist, I didn't want to rush my first project, I took my time. When Life or Death dropped, I had put alot of work into it, and I thought that it was time for me to release it.

Blast: Life or Death had no hit single, not a lot of video play, yet it still went platinum. What do you think the secret of your success is?

C Murder: I just think my fans knew what I could do. They heard me on both TRU albums, and they just knew that I was gonna put out a quality album.

Blast: How has your style changed from, Aint no Glock (TRU-True) to the new Bossilinie album?

C Murder: Back in the day, I was more of a one dimensional rapper. I was a street thug, dont fuck with me rapper. Today I am more versitile, I can talk about alot more things because I have experienced alot more things.

Blast: Why did you decide to hook up with Goodie Mob?

C Murder: We just cool, and we decided to do something with em. I like there music, they like mine and we friends, so it just happened.

Blast: Would you be satisfied with anything less than platinum on this album?

C Murder: No.

Blast: Is there competition between you and the other artists to sell more records?

C Murder: Nah, there isnt a competetion to sell more records. There is a competetion to make a better album, and I think that is what makes us go. We constantly try to outdue each others album.

Blast: Why wasn't your album on TRU Records?

C Murder: Because No Limit is the label that made me. So I wasn't about to go and switch labels. They made me, and I felt resposible to stay with em, even though I got my own record company out.

Blast: We know Magic is on TRU, who else is on the label?

C Murder: Nah, right now Magic is it. I am gonna promote Magic to the fullest. I want him to go in the studio and start working on a new album real soon. Once we get the title thought of, and the artwork done, I am puttin him in the studio. I also got my own production team, Deadly Sounds, they are to TRU Records, like BBTP is to No Limit.

Blast: What kind of artist are you looking for , when signing people to TRU Records?

C Murder: Somebody that will always be ready to work. If P needs somebody to do a track for a soundtrack, I can tell em to do it, and without hesitation, go in there and record a song.

Blast: How do you go about writing your ryhmes?

C Murder: Its diffrent all the time. For instance, I just was thinking about a song, and Ghetto Boy popped in my mind. I wrote down 2 lines, and a few days later added to em.

Blast: Im gonna name some songs, and you tell me what you were thinking about when you wrote em. Ghetto Ties?

C Murder: Well Solja Slim had just got back from the pen, and we was sitting there and we wanted to do a song. We just felt that it was perfect for the struggles we both been through. "My ghetto ties got me trippin and lifes a bitch, you cant stop a young nigga from gettin rich" ya know?

Blast: Aint No Glock.

C Murder: That was when I was raw. I was just a hardcore rapper. I was tryin to make a name for myself back then. " Aint no glock like the one I got, I pack my heat for protection".

Blast: Show Me Luv.

C Murder: That one was for the fans. They have always shown me love where ever Ive been. Ive seen people with TRU tats, and I just made this for the fans to let em know I appreciate em.

Blast: Im gonna anme some artist, tell me what you think about em. Partners N Crime?

C Murder: They supposed to be the next to blow up. They got New Orleans locked down.

Blast: DJ Quik?

C Murder: I've been listenin to Quik even before I started rapping. I am a big fan of DJ Quik.

Blast: QB?

C Murder: QB is a devoted No Limit Soldier. He is hungrey and he is willing to do what is necessary to make it in this industry. He is a No Limit Soldier.

Blast: What do you have to say to the people that say No Limit has sold out to its original fan base?

C Murder: Damn, they must not be listening to the same shit I'm hearing.

Blast: You have been in all of No Limit's movies, is acting something you want to persue further?

C Murder: Definatly. Right now I got me and agent, and we are doin it. I am gonna be doing a movie with Nicholas Cage.

Blast: Why do you think the Prime Suspect's, Full Blooded's, Gambino Family's, whom are all very street orientated and dont have much commercial appeal, didnt sell well, even though that is what made No Limit famous?

C Murder: All of those guys were fresh off the streets, and the public didnt quite know em enough. There first album was just to get there name out there. The second album is the album that makes all the diffrence. They are paying there dues right now, but they are all tight.

Blast: Serv On told me you could ball, but Big Ed told me he could beat you and P?

C Murder: Man we should change Big Ed's name to Big Head. Why is it everytime me and P play Ed and his team, we always whoop em. (Laughing)

Blast: No Limit Starting 5?

C Murder: Me, Silkk, P, Ed and Serv On. Serv On doesnt have great game, but he is a beast, thats why he is always on my team.

Blast: Is it true P might try to buy the Hornets?

C Murder: Yeah, but right now P is working out a deal with the CBA, so he can create a new CBA team, the Baton Rougue Soldiers.

Blast: Would you like to try out for an NBA team?

C Murder: Oh yeah, that has always been a dream, but right now, I am too busy doin this TRU Records thing ya know.

Blast: Could you ever forgive King George?

C Murder: I'm from the ghetto, and I have experienced shit that the average person hasn't. When somebody insults me and my family, there is no excuse. I wouldnt be able to forgive him. Thats just the way I am .

Blast: Whats next for TRU Records and C Murder?

C Murder: Well we gonna get Magic in the studio, and then we goin on tour. There is gonna be 2 tours, a Tank Dogg tour (Mac, Fiend, Snoop, C and others), and a No Limit tour. That shoudl be happenin during the summer.

Blast: Is there a beef between No Limit and Cash Money?

C Murder: Nah there is no beef, we happy there is another act blowing up outta New Orleans, cuz that is puttin us on the map even more. Its giving other companies a chance to blow up too. And I am gonna have CMR on the Magic album. They were supposed to be on my album, but we couldnt hook up in time, so you gonna see them on the Magic album.

Blast: Whats happening with Solja Slim?

C Murder: He doin his lil time right now, he gonna be out real soon. We all waiting on him. He is just straight from the street, he is wild. We just tryin to get him focused now, Im talkin to him everyday on the phone, and he knows he made a few little mistakes, but he is ready now. We in the entertainment industry, but this is life, and some people are just straight off the streets ya know. It aint like he did a crime, he was just with some people. I am behind him 100%.

Blast: Any shout outs?

C Murder: I wanna send a shout out to everybody, especially the Cash Money Family.

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